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Big Pure Talent (BPT) was setup in Jan'14 to help launch the musical career of drummer Jack Taplin.


Jack, now 18, played a very big part in setting up BPT and our very first event was in Jack's home town of Nuneaton. We had the likes of Gabz, who had a number one hit with Lighters plus many other new upcoming artists from around the UK. It was safe to say the launch of Jack and Big Pure Talent was very successful. 


Since then, we have hosted many events and worked with some amazing people like The Brooks (X Factor 2014), Henry Gallager (BGT 2015), boyband Unscripted, Nathan Gurd, Nathan Grisdale and so many more.


BPT, had the privilege to work with a group of young daily broadcasters / YouTubers:- Elmo Films, Olly Aston, Simply Luke, Kian Utley & TFJ. Simply Luke has gone on to work with Lego and Nickelodeon.


We don't only promote talent, we understand these are real people and we offer help and support in all areas. Some of the projects we have done, have also helps with GCSE coursework for those involved.

Attended many of the Big Pure Talent events and every one I've been to has been so well organised and so enjoyable. Their acts are all so lovely and genuine. Tickets to their events are very affordable and they have a variety of locations which make them local. Definitely recommend checking them out.

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat everyone as equals.

Organise affordable family events and give everyone

a chance to shine regardless of popularity.

We all deserves a chance.


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